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Business Interruption Insurance
Desktop Reviews

For the Hospitality Industry

An estimated 40% of business interruption declarations are too low by an average of 45%!
- Charted Institute of Loss Adjusters

Don't be a statistic. Let's get it right!

Book a BI review Now

You can book a single desktop review now or contact us to learn more. 

  • Calculate accurate bi limits 

  • highlight key risk & underwriting information

  • identify critical policy requirements

  • avoid common mistakes & confusion

  • Establish truly effective coverage

Our Desktop BI Reviews are focused on supporting hotels and restaurants in the hospitality industry with the establishment of effective business interruption coverage - mainly, we help get those BI limits right!

We provide a proactive & high level analysis of a client's operations, financials and applicable policy wordings to create accurate limits and effective coverage. The reviews are intended to replace traditional approaches such as the completion of a BI worksheet to provide a far more thorough and effective report for submission to insurers. 


Desktop BI Reviews

Book your Desktop BI Review now or set up a call below to learn more.  

  • Need a quick turnaround? Book a single location review now!

    350 Canadian dollars
  • Let's discuss how we can support you or your brokerage

    No Cost to Chat!
  • Reviews offered direct to hospitality clients.

    No Cost to Chat!

Desktop reviews provide a proactive & high level analysis of a client's required BI limits and coverage. However, for certain clients a more comprehensive review is required. This may include including the potential for additional exposure analysis including Probable Maximum Loss (PML) or Maximum Foreseeable Loss (MFL) analysis. Roper Valuation can provide this too!

Roper Valuation further blends the expertise of insurance and accounting to provide proactive claim quantification services. Helping businesses to recover from any major loss! Learn more at

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Want to Learn More?

Free Monthly 1hr Webinar on Business Interruption Insurance

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What is Business Interruption Insurance?

  • The main problems with BI coverage

  • How are limits calculated?

  • Key Considerations & Key Opportunities for Brokers

The presentation is not restricted to insurance brokers. 


Adequate forecasting is a crucial element to establishing effective Business Interruption Limits. 

Our Hospitality Desktop BI Reviews are now offered with the ability to incorporate industry leading forecasting analytics sourced from the CoStar Group!



Nick Roper


  • Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CMA)

  • Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP)

  • Corporate Risk Financing - Bachelor of Commerce (B.Comm)

  • Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics (CHIA)

  • Canadian Risk Management (CRM) 

As a certified accounting and insurance professional, I understand the complexities of business interruption (BI) insurance. I understand how difficult it can be to establish accurate BI limits (or to property value a loss).

There are typically many questions.

How are limits calculated? Do it matter what BI worksheet or policy form is used? What is the right indemnity period? How do I incorporate ordinary payroll?

These questions and more are left for your clients, and their accountants, to try and complete. I help bridge the gap between the two disciplines.


The Desktop BI Review will save your client from headaches, being underinsured, and in the process help you maintain your position as trusted advisor.

I love working with clients in the hospitality industry and have helped many businesses to proactively address their BI needs. 

Learn more about what we do at 

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Image by Marjan Blan | @marjanblan

Business interrupted will likely remain the key underlying risk theme in 2022

- CEO of Allianz Global Corporate & Speciality

Image by Marjan Blan | @marjanblan

Simple Question.

Difficult Answer.

What BI Limit Do We Need?

In our experience, commercial insurance brokers struggle to support their clients in answering this question. 

Image by Marjan Blan | @marjanblan

To me personally, [business interruption] is the most difficult type of insurance to explain to clients.

- Commercial Account Executive

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