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Our Desktop BI Reviews are focused on supporting hotels and restaurants in the hospitality industry with the establishment of effective business interruption coverage - mainly, we help get those BI limits right!

We provide a proactive & high level analysis of a client's operations, financials and applicable policy wordings to create accurate limits and effective coverage. The reviews are intended to replace traditional approaches such as the completion of a BI worksheet to provide a far more thorough and effective report for submission to insurers. 

  • Calculate accurate BI limits 

  • Highlight key risk & underwriting information

  • Identify critical policy requirements

  • Avoid common mistakes & confusion

  • Establish truly effective coverage


However, for certain clients a more comprehensive review is required. This may include including the potential for additional exposure analysis including Probable Maximum Loss (PML) or Maximum Foreseeable Loss (MFL) analysis. Roper Valuation can provide this too!

We also provide a range of claim quantification services. Please visit our full site at to learn more. 

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